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uPVC Bow and Bay Windows In Ledbury

With Malvern Glass, you can add uPVC bow and bay windows to your Ledbury home that transform it. These designs are more than a hundred years old, but use the latest tech so that they improve your home’s performance and style. Bow and bay windows both replace a wall of your home. That’s because they are expansive features, with angled designs that curve round to give you a stunning window that lights up your whole living space.

When you work with us, you can make the best possible investment in bow and bay windows in Ledbury. We are proud to count VEKA as one of our partners, and we feature their innovative uPVC profile on these designs. Although bow and bay windows use plenty of glazing, the frames are still crucial. With VEKA’s expertise, your uPVC profile will ensure the windows last for decades, keeping the structure stable and also improving your home’s security.

bow and bay windows ledbury

Bow and Bay WindowsHardware Options

Bow and bay windows do have subtle differences. Bow windows have a curved design that uses plenty of double glazing, while bay windows use more uPVC in an angled, geometric shape. However, both of these unique features have the same stunning range of hardware options available. You’ll get several of these innovative features as standard, including multi-point locking systems for your glazing and a thermally broken uPVC frame for more warmth.

Enhance Security with Bow and Bay Windows

Bow and bay windows are all about light. But that doesn’t mean they don’t also have the firm security you need for your home. These expansive designs feature leading internal hardware and configurations that keep your home safe from any burglars. Bow and bay windows have an additional chamber, for example, with galvanised steel reinforcement. That means you’ll have windows with incredible robustness, helped by VEKA’s durable uPVC profile.

Also, we’re proud to offer bow and bay windows for homes in Ledbury with PAS24-approved hardware. That ensures every part of the window can work towards protecting what matters most to you. Also, VEKA’s uPVC frames will ensure your home stays secure for much longer. That’s because their structures are long-lasting and weatherproof. As a result, they’ll protect the hinges, shootbolts and more from rust, ensuring continued security.

Thermally Efficient Bow And Bay Windows

Bow and bay windows may be designs from the past, but their performance is anything but outdated. When you add these windows, you’ll be making an investment that saves you money every single day. For a start, you’ll get advanced double glazing as standard in these designs. That means you’ll be able to get more insulation for your home than ordinary windows can provide you, stopping cold air getting into your living space.

Not only that, but there’ll be gaps as little as 10mm wide between the glazing and frame. As a result, there’ll be far less room for your home’s natural warmth to escape too. That means you can control your home’s temperature throughout the year. Not only that, but you and your family can enjoy a brighter, more spacious living space in complete comfort. You won’t have to use your central heating to stay warm, cutting your energy costs massively.

uPVC bow and bay windows ledbury

Weatherproof Bow and Bay Windows

Imagine not having to deal with the worst of the British weather. By installing uPVC bow and bay windows in your Ledbury home, you won’t have to. Our designs, and VEKA’s uPVC profile, make sure that you’ll be able to weatherproof your home. Wind and rain won’t be able to affect the glazing, and your uPVC frame won’t rot, crack, twist or even lose its shape for decades yet. Because of this, you can make your home a haven from poor conditions.

In these designs, you’ll get a weather seal flipper glazing pad and full drainage channels as standard. These features enhance the weather protection you’ll get for your home, and stop draughts and damp spots developing in your living space. Not only that, but you won’t have to deal with mould, mildew, or even condensation thanks to the advanced glazing and weatherproof hardware. That way, bow and bay windows won’t require regular maintenance either.

Bow and bay windows near me ledbury


Bow and Bay Windows Prices Ledbury

To add unique bow and bay windows to your Ledbury home, get in touch with Malvern Glass today! We know that you don’t want to buy off-the-shelf either, which is why you can customise every aspect of your new window using our online quote builder. Pick and choose every part of your new window design, including a wide range of bold colours and finishes so that you can add a bespoke window to your home.

If you want to find out more, fill out our online contact form, and we’ll get back to you quickly.

We look forward to hearing about your bow and bay windows plans soon!

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