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Composite doors have proven themselves to be a beautiful addition to any home, combining a number of high quality materials to offer homeowners the best of each. Enhance your property today with a door that offers traditional aesthetics with modern performance. There are several different materials used in our composite doors to form the sub frame, which is supported by timber stiffeners. These doors are finished with GRP (glass reinforced plastic) which enables them to offer high resistance to damage and wear.

Our composite doors excel in all areas, including thermal-efficiency and aesthetics. The doors we offer provide strong security to homes, combining a hard-wearing composite profile with high performance hardware. We fit high security, multi-point locking mechanisms and key handles for your peace of mind, we even offer an exclusive set of privacy glass for extra comfort within your home. Our team of expert installers will ensure your door performs.

Composite Doors Malvern

Hardware and Accessories

• Butt hinge and adjustable hinge.
• Automatic locking door system.
• Hook lock and shootbolt.
• Multi-point MACO lock.
• Stainless steel handles.
• Secondary dead bolt.


• 7 external colours + white, including 2 woodgrains.
• Great glazing options included lead glazing.
• Meets Maco Secure Plus standards.
• Low U-values. (1.6)
• Secured by Design.
• 30 door styles.

Composite Front Doors Malvern

Thermally Efficient Composite Doors

Our 44mm thick thermally-efficient composite doors achieve impressive Window’s Energy Ratings. Our composite doors frame is pressure filled with energy-efficient foam to enhance its performance, meaning quality is guaranteed. We have received VEKA’s energy certificate for our composite doors, which illustrates how they have been tested for thermal-efficiency and performed exceedingly. You’ll be able to rest assured you are enjoying a certified standard of quality.

We use energy-efficient glass to help achieve exceptional standards of thermal-efficiency. This means that the standard of performance we offer remains consistent across the whole of the composite door design. You can opt for triple glazing to enjoy an enhanced degree of thermal-performance. All our doors achieve 1.6 U-values or less to comply with Building Regulations in the UK. We strive to offer composite doors that excel in all areas.

Versatile Design

Our standard profiles are 70mm in depth, however there is the option for a lower threshold in order to cater for disabled wheelchair users. This ensures you’ll be able to enjoy effortless, maximum accessibility. You can create your ideal composite door design with a vast collection of colour or woodgrain designs. You may opt for a classic white to complement windows or golden oak to match exterior, all of our finishes are designed to last many years.

We offer sculpted or chamfered edged designs in a choice of five colours. You’ll be able to tailor your composite doors down to the detail, meaning they are sure to become the perfect addition to your home. You can optimise the effects of your glazing with patterns including seven bespoke designs. There’s even more you can do to the glazing, with leads, colours, bevels, etching and fusion art options. We also offer different side panels to complement our composite doors.

Expert Craftsmanship

We utilise market-leading design for our composite door profiles, which are innovatively engineered by trained professionals to guarantee impressive performance. We only offer you the very best.

VEKA have a prolific reputation for producing composite doors. Over a year was spent developing this unique composite door design in order to ensure every element was perfect for the consumer, which is exactly why we offer their design.

These doors are expertly crafted to offer the traditional aesthetics of timber doors, whilst eliminating the defects that are associated with the material. We use high-quality composite for this, allowing you to enjoy exceptional function and form.

Expert Installation

We take the upmost care when installing a composite door into your home. VEKA recognise our team as ‘trusted installers’, which pays testimony to our effort and commitment to great service and products.

At Malvern Glass, we are an established and reputable installer of composite doors, priding ourselves on the skill and efficiency of our team. We are qualified and trained to ensure consistency and professionalism across all of our work.

We deliver a fast turnaround, with an installation process that is built off professionalism and reliability. This means you will experience a service that is prompt, high quality and stress-free, allowing you to enjoy your home improvement sooner.

Composite Doors Malvern

Composite Doors Complement Any Architecture

Your home will appear better than ever by installing composite doors. These doors are completely versatile, which blend in seamlessly to the current aesthetic of your home. They can be perfectly fitted to both modern and traditional properties.

There is a seamless transition between old wooden doors and new composite ones, as we offer a product that accurately emulates the appearance of timber. This will allow you to enhance your home with a sense of heritage.

We offer luxurious options to complement your home, such as chrome or gold hardware including door knockers, letterboxes and spy holes. We offer a comprehensive range that will allow you to find your perfect choice with complete ease.

Guaranteed Quality

Our composite doors are accompanied with a comprehensive guarantee, covering them against poor performance over many years. We want you to enjoy your new home improvements with peace of mind, every time.

We also undertake stringent quality checks across our range of composite doors, ensuring they uphold the high standards we expect. This means that any doors you purchase from use are guaranteed to excel across the board.

All of our composite doors will also be installed by our VEKA approved team, who draw upon a wealth of experience to ensure your doors are fitted perfectly. This not only ensures the door performs as it should, it also reduces hassle for you.

Composite Doors Prices

There is an easy way to obtain a quote on your composite doors. We provide an online quoting engine, where you can customise your doors and we will match you with a free quote.

You may also speak to a customer service agent if you have any trouble at all choosing your ideal composite doors. Please, in this case, visit our online contact page and fill out the form.

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