French Doors Leominster

French Doors Leominster

For a uniquely European sense of drama and flair, you can’t beat French doors. Combining visual appeal, continental charm and high performance functionality, these doors offer a home improvement solution like no other.

We use uPVC to manufacture our French doors. We use this construction material because it’s cost effective, hard wearing and highly sustainable. We know our Leominster homeowners want a product that delivers performance and balances style with function, so we use uPVC to create French doors that check all the boxes.

Our French doors will be made to fit your home and style with bespoke colour and style options and customisable hardware. Whether you have a traditional, modern or quirky aesthetic, our bespoke doors will provide the perfect complement to your Leominster home.

Our double doors offer double the benefits, with two opening sashes for increased beauty, security, and flair. Throwing open a set of double French doors is a fantastic way to make a statement and stand out from the crowd!

upvc french doors leominster

Innovative, Thermally Efficient French Doors

Our uPVC doors use industry leading profiles and a five chamber design to provide exceptional thermal performance. These pioneering profiles are extremely rigid and durable, and keep the heat exactly where it’s meant to be.

The standard thermal performance of our French doors is fantastic, but if you want to go even further, you can opt for a patented thermal insert within the chambers of the door. You’ll score bonus “green” points, as the thermal efficiency is boosted even further.

Utilising gaskets and spacer bars, the door is held strong and allows inert gases to travel through whilst preventing the temperatures from moving through. This means your Leominster home will stay warm in winter and cool in summer, and you won’t need to splash out on central heating or aircon.

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High-Quality uPVC French Doors

  • Our doors provide a custom profile to fit the needs of your Leominster home and add heaps of European flair and charm, along with high performance construction.
  • Hardwearing and long lasting, our uPVC profiles are resistant to scratches and surface damage, and our specialised gasket channel prevents lumps from forming in the corners.
  • Whilst the Leominster weather can vary, the performance of our French doors won’t, as they are completely weatherproof. The only way the damp and cold can get in is if you forget to close them!
  • Don’t just take our word for it because we’ve got the credentials to back it up! Our French doors have been tested and certified under PAS24 and BS6375 for weather resistance and weatherproofing.
  • Industry leading energy efficiency is provided by the high grade, premium uPVC we use for our constructions. And with low maintenance, impressive visuals, your Leominster home will be looking fantastic for years to come.

Low Maintenance uPVC

  • There’s nothing worse than a door that doesn’t fit right. That’s why all our French doors are made to measure to ensure they fit perfectly into your Leominster home. Seamless fits mean easy maintenance and smoother opening.
  • uPVC is impervious to rot and discolouration, and you’ve really got to put some effort in to damage it! That means minimal upkeep for you – just wipe them every once in a while, and you’ll be set.
  • Fully customisable with a broad selection of colours, finishes and foils, you’ll be spoilt for choice, whether you want to match or complement your Leominster home.
  • Compared with traditional timber constructions, you’ll find uPVC doors last an awful lot longer, as uPVC doesn’t warp. That means you can have traditional French door styles without traditional potential for problems!
  • We incorporate a wide draining channel into our French door designs. Whilst the materials are already waterproof, draining water away quickly prevents residue buildup and gets the water away from your entryways.

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Versatile and Bespoke

By providing significantly greater exposure to natural light, these types of door give a feeling of increased space and light to your home.

Double doors with reduced sightlines take this even further and give you fabulous panoramic views.

With a range of options and hardware choices, we’ll craft the perfect door for whatever you need. Whether you’re trying to make a statement, brighten up a dark room, or improve your views, there’s a French door for you.

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