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Flush Sash Windows in Ledbury

We here at Malvern Glass take pride in providing high quality installations for a range of home improvement products, including uPVC flush sash windows made by VEKA, market-leading uPVC manufacturers. Boasting a range of styles, including both modern and traditional designs that can be sure to complement any type of property you may have. Our traditional window designs follow the same style used for hundreds of years, dating back to the Georgian era to ensure of an ornate and classy look to your property.

Flush Sash Windows earn their name from the sash that sits seamlessly within the outer frame, creating a flat and level design that doesn’t stick out past the frame. This design is minimalistic and blends in well with the rest of your properties aesthetic without drawing attention away from the pre-existing features of your home. Best of all, if you live in a listed property, a house with heritage or live within a conservation area which may mean planning permission is required for cosmetic changes to your home, these designs are guaranteed to pass through all that red tape.

Providing your home with a classic, Georgian look that brings a heritage style to your property, these windows also offer all of the perks that modern window units provide. This includes superior security, increased strength and hardiness against weather and intruders, and efficient thermal insulation, all of which is provided without any compromise on appearance.

If you are interested in getting some new flush sash windows for your property in Ledbury, look no further than Malvern Glass!


Minimal Upkeep Flush Sash Windows


Whilst timber is still a traditional and highly sought-after material for windows because of their classic and rustic appearance, in practice they often underperform in thermal insulation, as less secure against intruders and also require additional maintenance and upkeep that can cost you more in later years. This includes repainting to maintain their bright colour which can fade in the sun, sanding and varnishing to prevent peeling and visible wear-and-tear, and even replacing whole window units due to damage and warping from weather.

However, with our premium grade uPVC flush-sash windows, this is not a problem that you will have to deal with. uPVC is hard-wearing, doesn’t rot, warp of lose its colour and can provide security and warmth for your home for a number of decades with minimal upkeep or maintenance. The only thing that may be needed from time to time is occasional cleaning, either from window cleaners for a brief wipe-down with a damp cloth, which will prevent dirt from building up and provide you with unobscured views from outside.

We are so confident in our window profiles’ quality that we offer a 10-year manufacturers guarantee. Our windows will give you the peace of mind that your property is as protected, thermally secure and aesthetically pleasing as you could hope for. Get in touch with us today for more information!

uPVC Flush Sash Windows Ledbury

Beautiful Appearance

  • Offers a traditional and classic style for your home.
  • Slim frames and a seamless profile.
  • Woodgrain foils and additional range of finishes.
  • Hard-wearing and robust uPVC.
  • Gorgeous flush finish.

First-Class Flush Sash Windows

  • A range of top of the range hardware.
  • 10-year guarantee, with a long lifespan.
  • Outstanding thermal efficiency.
  • Upgraded home security.
  • Leading VEKA Designs.

Market-Leading Designs from VEKA

VEKA flush sash windows are built with a unique and intelligent thermally-broken profile, meaning that the frame has several internal pockets specially designed to trap hot air and prevent heat-loss through your window frames. Another amazing feature of our flush casement windows is their robust and hardwearing materials, made from uPVC that has a Window Energy Rating of ‘A’. This altogether acts as a thermal barrier, saving you money in heating bills and reducing your carbon footprint. Get in touch with us today for more information.


uPVC Flush Sash Windows prices Ledbury

Safe and Secure Flush Sash Windows


The security of your home is naturally a top concern of yours, so we have made it our own too, and we want to make sure that your windows are sure to help protect your home, your family and your personal belongings from would-be intruders and potential threats. Our windows achieve the PAS24 security standard, allowing you to have the peace of mind that your home is protected with an essential security feature.

However, your security will not have to come at the cost of appearance, with slim sightlines that allow for natural light and a multipoint locking system fitted as standard.

Flush Sash Windows quotes Ledbury

Weatherproof Windows

Intruders aren’t the only thing you need to be sure your windows are sturdy against however, as adverse weather conditions can often cause damage to weaker windows and allow for heat to escape and compromising the security of your home. This is why we have made sure that our windows are weatherproof and able to withstand anything the outside throws its way, including improved soundproofing that means that both the sounds of weather and any busy activity outside your home will be muted to inaudible from within your property.

Get in touch today to discuss the many advantages of getting our flush sash windows installed.


Flush Sash Windows Prices in Ledbury

We believe that you deserve only the very best quality installation products in Ledbury. So, if you are looking to get a free quote for your planned installation work, why not use our  online design tool to both piece together your ideal window design from scratch and receive bespoke and competitive quotes for your installation from us.

If you would rather ask us a question or speak to us in person, simply drop us a message via our online contact form, give us a call on 01684 892 860 or email us at sales@malvernglass.co.uk.

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