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StyleLine Windows In Ledbury


With our range of uPVC windows, we here at Malvern Glass use industry-leading techniques and advancements to give our customers in Ledbury only the very best quality installations available on the market. Our StyleLine range of windows use modern materials and features, including premium grade uPVC, to provide top quality insulation, security and hardiness whilst still providing a traditional and classic look that perfectly suits both modern and older properties.

During the manufacturing process of our StyleLine range of windows and doors, we use state-of-the-art Seamless Quad Welder provided to us by Graf Synergy. This provides a high-quality finish to both the sash and the outer frame, and the creative welding process cuts out the grooving stage of the process which means that there is no additional loss of vinyl at the corner joints.

Keep Your Home Secure With StyleLine Windows


In all of our StyleLine profiles, we include a multi-point locking mechanism as standard, ensuring that your home, family and personal belongings are safe against any potential intruders. To further improve your security and provide you with additional peace of mind, we also offer MACO and claw locks that are reinforced with steel and internal beading which protects it from drills and other lock forcing techniques.

Both StyleLine windows and doors achieves both the British Standard Kitemark and Secured by Design standards of security, meaning that you are fully protected against any threats to your home. The Secured by Design standard is an initiative set up by the UK police force to help reduce crime rates, so keep your Ledbury property safe by choosing us today.

Styleline Windows Ledbury

Thermally Efficient StyleLine Windows


Our StyleLine profiles are all constructed with uPVC, an amazing material that is a hardened plastic resin that is hard-wearing and long lasting against damage, weather and general wear-and-tear that can often affect other materials such as timber. Double glazing can only go so far, and often heat can be lost through the frames themselves rather than the glass. However, uPVC is also incredibly thermally efficient, with multiple chambers within the frames that break up the heat and traps it to create a thermal barrier that prevents heat loss through the window frames and means that your property is secure against draughts and cold spots.

This thermal protection means that you can enjoy areas of your home all year round rather than just in summer when it is warm, and will also save you money on heating bills as you will not have to rely on it so often to keep you warm. This also reduces your carbon footprint, with all of our double and triple glazing options achieve Windows Energy Ratings of ‘A’.

Outstanding Aesthetics

  • Slim frame and sash sightlines.
  • Free range of choices of colours and accessories.
  • Consistent Corners.
  • Bespoke Quality Finishes.

Low Maintenance and Upkeep

  • Windowsill traps dust for ease of cleaning.
  • Robust uPVC frame.
  • Finishes guaranteed to last.
  • Glazing that’s easy to clean.

StyleLine uPVC Windows Ledbury

Additional Fixtures and Features


To make your StyleLine Windows perfectly bespoke to your property and overall style, then why not tailor it using our range of accessories and hardware that you are free to choose from. Georgian bars will recreate a classic and regal appearance for your windows, emulating traditional timber frames without compromising security or insulation. We also offer leaded glass and a selection of stains that will guarantee that your design is bespoke to your particular property. Enjoy the aesthetics of traditional windows, whilst benefiting from modern technology.

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Exclusive StyleLine Windows


Our range of StyleLine Windows are manufactured using a modern process and state of the art technology, resulting in a unique and high-quality performance that suits any and all kinds of properties, be they modern or traditional, young or old.

We are pioneering technology in the welding process and hardware accessories to ensure bespoke looks and high quality performance, promoting diversity and individuality throughout Ledbury.

Top Performance StyleLine


We put a great deal of care and consideration into the profiles that we supply, each precisely engineered using the latest cutting-edge technology to create windows that are the very best on the market. Hand finished to make sure of a professional design and detailing that mimicks the carpentry of old-fashioned timber windows, you can be sure of a great deal of effort is put into your new window installations.

We have great pride in all of the home improvement products that we produce, and want each and every window that we make to be top-quality and provide homeowners in Ledbury with years of the very best insulation and security, as well as a design that is bespoke to your aesthetics and overall property design.

For more information on our range of StyleLine products, please contact us today.

StyleLine Windows Quotes Ledbury

Flawless Designs


We want to make sure that our StyleLine windows are seamlessly incorporated into your properties overall look and design, providing your property with a great look that doesn’t distract from any pre-existing features it may have. Our designs are sleek and stylish, guaranteed to blend in with your property and provide your home with brightness and great views, with slim sightlines that maximise the amount of light allowed in.

Our windows can be specially designed to inkeep with the architecture of your property and are all available at competitive prices and can be quickly and efficiently installed with little hassle or disruption.

StyleLine Windows Prices, Ledbury

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