uPVC Patio Doors Evesham

We’ve been installing high quality, high performance sliding patio doors for decades across the wider Evesham area. We use top-notch VEKA uPVC profiles to ensure that we provide an exceptional quality patio door solution to your Evesham home. Our experienced team of experts will have your home looking its very best in no time!

Because our patio doors slide back on themselves, there’s no need to leave a wide opening arc clear. That means you can use your existing floor space to its fullest potential and gain a little extra space without actually adding any sort of extension! We call that a win!

Perhaps even better, our patio doors boast slim sightlines and massive panels of high performance double glazing, which means you’ll enjoy wide, panoramic views over your Evesham garden whether the doors are open or closed.

You’ll also enjoy an enhanced amount of natural light flooding into your home, making the space feel bigger and airier instantly. And in the summer, sliding the door all the way open will bring in so much warm, fresh air you won’t believe it! Get the whole house smelling fresh and sweet in seconds by throwing open the patio doors!

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Secure uPVC Patio Doors In Evesham

The security of your Evesham home and your family is one of the most important things to consider when upgrading your home. It’s particularly important to be aware of the level of protection provided by back doors and patio doors because it’s all too common for the rear doors to be overlooked when it comes to security. This makes them a favourite entry point for burglars.

Fortunately for your Evesham home, we’ve taken the security of our uPVC patio doors seriously and employ four point hook locks, anti-lift blocks, and anti-drill and anti-pick cylinders to ensure that your new sliding doors are locked up tightly and highly secure. The locks can’t be picked or drilled, and would-be intruders won’t be able to pry the door open or loose it off its tracks.

The tough uPVC and strong double glazing take the security even further by providing a rigid construction that’s almost impossible to break, so there’s no chance of breaking the glazing panes to get in either! Our patio door profiles are accredited with Secured by Design because they are exactly that – designed to be supremely secure. The only way a would-be intruder could get through these doors is if you were to leave them open!

Energy Efficient uPVC Patio Doors in Evesham

Our VEKA sliding door profiles boast fantastic thermal performance thanks to the combination of innovative thermal breaks within the frame, high performance double glazing, and low conductive construction materials. Every part of these patio doors works in harmony to ensure that your Evesham home can stay at a comfortable and consistent temperature without needing constant input from the central heating.

Because uPVC is a low conductor of heat, that means heat can’t pass through it easily, so it will stay in your home instead. Similarly, the thermal breaks act to trap the heat inside rather than allowing it to exit. And double glazing is well known for helping heat stay put inside and stopping cold air from getting in.

In fact, our patio doors are so good at keeping the heat in that they not only meet but beat standards set out by UK Building Regulations and meet the requirements for Passive House accreditation! You’ll be enjoying superior thermal efficiency and all the eco perks that come with it for decades with our patio doors!

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Bespoke uPVC Patio Doors in Evesham

All of our patio doors will be made to be totally bespoke to your Evesham home. Every home is different, and you’ve got your own sense of style, so we want your new doors to fit in with that. That’s why we offer a wide range of styles, finishes, colours, glazing options and hardware, so you can customise completely and ensure your doors are a truly perfect fit. They’ll also be made to measure so that we can ensure that the size is right for your home.

upvc patio doors evesham

Sliding uPVC Patio Door Prices Evesham

If you’re ready to start your upgrade journey, head on over to our online quoting engine for a free, bespoke quote with zero obligations.

Alternatively, if you’d like to find out more about what we could do for your Evesham home, get in touch with our friendly and expert team now.

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