Secondary Glazing, Ledbury

Don’t Let Draughts Into Your Home, Install Secondary Glazing Instead

Secondary glazing is an ideal solution for homeowners in Ledbury who are unable to fit conventional double glazing in their home. This could be due to their property having listed status, because they live at the top of a tower block – or a range of other reasons.

Ask Malvern Glass to fit secondary glazing in your home in Ledbury to enjoy noticeably better acoustic and thermal performance. Our products are compatible with all other types of glazing, so you won’t be restricted by choice when contacting us for help. Call for advice.

The secondary glazing we offer is ideal for all types of properties, even those that have been Grade I and Grade II listed. Our products can be customised to suit your requirements, too. Choose from more than 200  RAL colours to personalise your design to suit your Ledbury home.

secondary glazing

Secondary Glazing: How Does It Work?

What is secondary glazing? Not everyone is familiar with this term, which describes an internal window that is single glazed and which can be affixed to an existing one. It is an affordable and convenient option for homeowners who are unable to have double glazing.

Secondary Glazing can easily be removed to allow the internal mechanisms of the main window to be cleaned, or to allow the room in question to be ventilated. Some types actually work like a conventional window, which means they don’t need to be removed – saving you time.

We’ve chosen Guardian secondary glazing as our preferred partner, because they allow us to install products of the highest quality for our customers in Ledbury.

Five Reasons To Choose Secondary Glazing

Visitors won’t even realise your windows aren’t double glazed, thanks to the non-obtrusive design of our products. This means that the market appeal of your home will remain intact.

If you live in area of natural beauty, conservation area – or own a listed building – you’ll enjoy the many value-adding benefits that come as standard with our secondary glazing.

Do you need more information before picking up the phone to speak to one of our experienced consultants? Here are five advantages of choosing secondary glazing for your Ledbury home.

  • Noise Cancelling Properties. If you live in a busy area – near a road junction, airport or school, for example – you’ll be pleased to hear that our Guardian products can reduce noise intrusion by as much as 80%.
  • Lower Your Energy Bills. If you don’t have secondary glazing as an absolute minimum, your home in Ledbury will be cold and draughty. Lessen heat loss through your window significantly with our Guardian glazing.
  • Protect Your Home in Ledbury. Intruders will have to bypass two layers of glass instead of one when attempting access, which means your property will be measurably safer than if you had single glazing.
  • Ideal For Listed and Period Homes. If you need to preserve the look of a period style property – or if your home in Ledbury is located in a heritage or conservation area – our secondary glazing will be ideal.
  • No Need To Worry About Condensation. Trickle ventilation can easily be added to your secondary glazed windows if your home in Ledbury suffers from problems with condensation or mould.

To discuss the benefits of our Guardian products, call or email the Malvern Glass team today. We will help you choose the right product at a price to suit your project.

Secondary Glazing

Tailored and Handmade Products

Using a tailored approach, we’ll make sure that your secondary glazing is in keeping with the character of your Ledbury home. The finished product will comply with all existing planning permission and building regulation requirements for your peace of mind.

In terms of performance, our secondary glazing will excel in all areas – including thermal performance and security. With a range of styles available, you’ll be sure to find a match for your home. Why not make an appointment for us to come and see you and take measurements.

Secondary Glazing Prices, Ledbury and Surrounding Areas

For competitive prices and expert advice, call Malvern Windows or send us a message. We’ll be able to answer any technical queries you have and provide a guideline quote. You can also get prices for other products if you’re improving your home – use our online quoting app to get costs in just a couple of minutes.

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