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Sliding Sash Windows in Ledbury


Our sliding sash windows from VEKA boast a timeless appeal and aesthetic to both traditional and modern properties, without sacrificing modern functionality. We provide installations to homeowners throughout Ledbury and the surrounding areas who are looking to renovate their home whilst keeping a heritage and ornate appearance to their property. With all of the benefits of modern windows, our windows are designed to both work effectively and provide a traditional look that will last for years to come.

Unlike their timber counterparts, which often suffer from natural wear-and-tear including warping from heat, paint flaking, cracking and rotting from weather conditions and also just growing shabbier in appearance, uPVC doesn’t suffer from any of these and simply require the occasional wipe down to keep them clean.

Here at Malvern Glass, we have teams of experts on hand with years of collective experience in the double-glazing installation industry, who will work closely with you to ensure that your windows are perfectly suited to your property and are installed competently and to a high quality. With unobtrusive work, we will make sure that your day-to-day life isn’t uprooted or obstructed by our installation work, and will be finished quickly and efficiently to cause you the least amount of hassle and stress possible.

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Secure uPVC Sliding Sash Windows


As with any home improvement installation project, one of the top priorities is the safety and security of your home. You may have made sure to get a suitably thermally efficient window, but if you haven’t got one that is secure against both intruders and harsh weather conditions that will not prove effective; you want to be sure that your home, your family and your personal belongings are protected from unwanted visitors who may want to enter your home.

Additionally, added security to your home is also guaranteed to improve your market value and the overall attractiveness as a property should you ever look to sell in the future. Our uPVC sliding sash window profiles meet the standard of PAS24, and we use strikers to cover our locks to improve security.

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Thermally-Efficient Sliding Sash Window

  • Boosted weatherproofing with a 10mm overlap between the frame and sash.
  • Beading and gaskets provide additional weather protection and security.
  • Achieves both PAS24 and BS6375 weatherproofing standards.
  • Glazing that is thermally efficient, including solar glass
  • Lower U-Values with low conductivity of uPVC.
  • Thermal barrier with a thermal insert.
  • Traps heat with a multi-chambered profile.
  • A wide drainage channel.

Exclusive uPVC Sliding Sash Windows

  • A slimline profile to maximize glazing and reduce sightlines.
  • Ease of cleaning with upper and lower window sashed tilted inwards.
  • Versatile design that complements all building projects and house styles.
  • State-of-the-art energy efficient glazing technology.
  • Available additional hardware to enhance performance.
  • Meets latest standards and regulations.
  • Customisable locks for increased protection and security.
  • Incorporates latest uPVC developments.
  • Effortless sliding sash.

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Sliding Sash Windows for Competitive Prices


We here at Malvern Glass take pride in providing high quality customer satisfaction in Ledbury and the surrounding areas with our all-in-one service, removing all unnecessary and often hidden additional costs from the equation.

Our sliding sash windows, and installation work will also save you money and hassle. Our double glazing utilises the latest in thermal efficiency to insulate your home, lower your heating bills and reduce your carbon footprint.

Eco-Friendly Sliding Sash Windows

The uPVC materials that we use are 100% recyclable, meaning that at their end-of-life as window units their materials can be taken and reused to either make new window units or something else entirely.

Versatile Hardware Options

To add to the already high levels of security of our sliding sash windows, we provide additional high-performance hardware that can perfectly complement your overall design and property style. These include a deep rail option to emulate a timber vertical slider and traditional horn detailing.

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Striking Visual Appeal

The sliding sash windows that we offer boasts a timeless and ornate appeal that can suit not only traditional style homes but also modern ones, all while utilising the latest in modern technology to improve security and thermal insulation. With slim sightlines, you will be provided with a brighter look to your property and give off the illusion of extra space. We also offer a range of different colours and finishes so that your bespoke design perfectly suits your property. Get in touch with us today to talk to us about your ideal sliding sash windows.

Sliding Sash Windows Prices, Ledbury

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